Pets and the Fourth

If your pet went missing on Fourth of July weekend- please check at Franklin county animal shelter, Capitol area humane society and post on (both website and facebook are VERY ACTIVE)

This is the busiest weekend of the year for the shelters- Check EVERYDAY as your pet may hide till it feels safe from the explosions. And by check, I mean physically go to the shelter- they will be overwhelmed and unable to go look at each dog/cat on intake.

Franklin County Animal Shelter 4340 Tamarack Blvd, Columbus, OH 43229       Phone:(614) 525-3647

Capitol Area Humane Society  3015 Scioto Darby Executive Ct, Hilliard, OH 43026   Phone:(614) 777-7387…

Have your pet spayed, neutered and microchipped.

Happy Fourth of July!

You did it!

$5000 donated for new sign

$5000 donated for new sign


Great job everyone!
Hope you all had a great fourth of july and a HUGE SHOUTOUT to all our Sign Committee’s new work!

Well be sure to put out new info about the installation and demo of the old sign soon!

$640… 32 houses… $20

32 Donations of $20, thats all we need to have enough for our new sign… Thats nothing! You guys helped raise more than that at the bake sale!

$640 shy of our $5000 goal.. You guys have rocked it out hte last few months lets keep up for that last
mile in the marathon!

Which means we are extending our deadline in hopes that we can receive $20 donations.

Checks can be mailed to our secure post office box:
Attn: Betsy Cutie,
4000 Leap Road,
P.O. Box 162, Hilliard, OH 43026.
Make checks payable to the Golfview Woods Sign Committee

Sign Update! 150 Houses have donated! Have you sent in your donation?


Were just 7 Days away from the end of the month! Can we get that last little bit in?

Last day for donations is JUNE 30!!

You all have really stepped up to the plate and our community will benefit from SO many peoples hard work and donations.
Thank you everyone!

Checks can be mailed to our secure post office box:

Attn: Betsy Cutie,
4000 Leap Road,
P.O. Box 162, Hilliard, OH 43026.

Free Microchipping for Dogs, and other various pet care tips

Do you have a dog? I do, I have two! One of them used to be an escape artist in her younger days. She could scale a fence and go for a long walk after a full speed bolt from the yard. One time, she even ended up in doggy jail. I had to go pick her and her Sister(RIP) up at the pound. The only way i knew they were there was because someone saw them picked up by the warden.  They had both lost their collars in the great escape, so no way to contact me,

It was 3 days without my dogs, 3 days of me agonizing over where they were, were they hurt or worse dead? 3 Days till someone saw my signs and called me to say they saw two dogs similar to my description picked up off a busy road over a mile away.

Did you know dogs can travel up to 10 miles a day at a leisurely pace? I learned this during the process of the “what could i have done differently” research.

This all happened when i was 20. 16 years ago, microchips for pets wasnt a thing, at least not an attainable thing by a poor college student, it was a technology that was just starting to come onto the scene.

Now, however, this is easy to come by, and it’s used by every vet in Ohio to check for when found pets are brought in. Any Vet will check for free to see if the dog or cat is registered, if brought in as a stray/found animal. Its not a perfect system, as not all machines are backward compatible for older microchips (most are, but not all) the chip could have shifted and isn’t where they are supposed to be (again rare) but this is one of those safeguards that is affordable, and quick and moderately painless for the dog/cat. Its scarier looking for the human when you see the size of the needle!


microchip compared to standard white rice

On June 27th, Free Microchipping will be offered 10-5pm courtesy of SAVE OHIO PETS. This is ONLY open to dogs but will at later date offer this for cats as well.

The average cost to have a microchip implanted by a veterinarian is around $45, which is a one–time fee and often includes registration in a pet recovery database. If your pet was adopted from a shelter or purchased from a breeder, your pet may already have a microchip (source:google)

June 27 Free Microchip dog

Sign update! 120 households donated!



Wow – we are very close and will definitely make our goal! Keep up the great work!

Bake Sale was a huge success, thank you thank you thank you to all who came to purchase items, donate funds and baked goods/water and the volunteers who made this a success. $960 in total contributions for the day including $241 in sales.


The Sign Committee has worked REALLY hard .

I don’t think anyone in this community can deny that we appreciate ALL the work they have done!

Bake Sale, Fund raiser

Photo Courtesy of Nicole R., a resident.

Checks can be mailed to our secure post office box:

Attn: Betsy Cutie,
4000 Leap Road,
P.O. Box 162, Hilliard, OH 43026.

Make checks payable to the Golfview Woods Sign Committee

Fundraising Update for the new sign


New Sign Total from Donations

New Sign Total from Donations

Once again another great week for fundraising!
We now have $2,265 from 92 households. That’s 45% of the goal.

Dont forget its only $20 donation to the the beautification of your neighborhood.

Checks can be mailed to our secure post office box:

Attn: Betsy Cutie,
4000 Leap Road,
P.O. Box 162, Hilliard, OH 43026.

Make checks payable to the Golfview Woods Sign Committee

Community Garage Sale: June 13th


Golfview Woods Garage Sale

Yard Sale sign on white fence and blue sky.

The community Garage Sale is Saturday, June 13th. The sign will be posted out in front of the neighborhood One week prior to the garage sale.

Tips for having a great garage sale.

1)Large Items out front closes to street and price them with larger signs to attract drive by shoppers.

2)Prices on everything

3)Try to keep pets inside

4) Use Social media to promote your stuff! Hilliard has a lot of great facebook for sale groups and garage sale groups- Post up sneak peeks of whats for sale

5)Be realistic in your pricing

6) What about a free pile? (you know there is stuff that you will happily have just gone from your home- use it to entice buyers!)

7)Display items together (Kids toys, Home decor, Craft items, Clothing)

8)How about a $.25 cent bin on the ground for little kids to find “treasures” in- mom and dad arent likely to deny spending up to a dollar on some small items that have kept the children happy while they shop!

9) Have a power strip and some batteries available for people to test out items like kids toys, or that toaster you are selling.

10) Be prepared with Cash- OR even be prepared better with a SQUARE!

Credit card reader (or some other easily attainable CC reader)