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Small Business Fridays

Hartwell Pools

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Brandi and Robert and their children have lived in the neighborhood for three and half years.

They are the owners of Hartwell Pools, a family owned operation for 17 years. They are based in Hilliard, and service residential pools and hot tubs. They can be contacted at 614-551-9503 or Send Email as well as their Facebook page. They do replacement vinyl liners, weekly cleanings,service, & all that for hot tubs as well.

Company Credo

“Hartwell Pools is family owned and operated with 17 years of experience. We strive to provide our customers with the highest quality of service that consistently outperforms our competitors at every level. Our knowledge will guide you to the most reliable products on the market today.”

Hours of operation
Monday – Friday
8am – 5pm
Saturday & Sunday
By Appointment

all major CC accepted

*if you are a member of GVW and would like to be part of small business friday’s, use the contact page to tell me a bit about your company, how long you have lived here, small tidbit about your family (first names and kids or no kids only – no names of kids please or numbers)